Wonder Woman (2017)

As positively as Wonder Woman (2017) was received, there are those who are mixed on Ares portrayal. I disagree. I loved the subtlety of his reveal and also the acting by David Thewlis who did a great job. They probably could’ve cast a younger actor around Gadot’s age, but I’m perfectly okay with Thewlis because he’s still a skilled actor. Also, Ares is a god and if someone has god-like powers then it doesn’t really matter what they look like because they are still capable of many things such as destroying the world. They also didn’t need to go the macho route with Ares because in wars, the most terrifying people are actually the leaders and generals who send soldiers into battle to fight and put their lives on the line while they are behind the scenes relishing in the chaos, death, and destruction. And I thought that aspect was done to perfection in the film. Saving the most epic fight for the third act. Which is how any movie with action sequences should go.

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