Olympian Gods

So i’ve come up with a new theory, is just a theory not a fact. And pure speculation about DCEU’s mythos. Ok, so, this is about the Olympian Gods, the New Gods and the Demigods. First of all, i don’t believe that Diana is the only demigod alive in the DCEU. I believe there should be more, still out there. Zeus as we know, could had many other childs which turned out to be demigods like Perseus, Heracles and Prometheus. As we know,  almost 30,000 years before Justice League, or in 28,000 BC, Darkseid came to Earth. Now, i think the Olympian Gods helped mankind, the amazons and Atlanteans to defeat the invasion from Apokolips. There’s a female warrior in one of the trailers shooting an explosive arrow, and you can see how her arms are glowing in golden light. Could it be she’s one of the Olympian Gods? Also the demigods could’ve helped like Perseus, Heracles. So i believe that the amazons, humans and atlanteans received help from some Gods (perhaps even Ares this is his world he needs to protect it no matter what) and demigods.

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