Negativity around Zack Snyder

So much of negativity around Zack, it makes me feel sad. At a time when people should be supporting him through and through, there are some scum who post utter nonsense and call you a snyder fanboy if you go ahead to call bullshit on them. What has the society come to? Are we so blinded by our likings or disliking towards someone that we even fail to show some humanity and compassion? It gives me a further more impetus to go ahead and spread positivity. Because if we won’t, then no one will. We need to take the fight to these people and tell them that this nonsense is not tolerated where we come from. It is so astonishing to see that DC fans are called out for being ‘immature’ but the real acts of immaturity and irrationality are carried out by some people, some journalists too… Who think they can get away with anything on social media, even though it mocks a person for the loss of his daughter.

Zack Snyder. We love you. We really do. And we are here. With you. Besides you. In time, we will join you in the sun. Stay strong.

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