Lex Luthor

WHY do we need this godlike figure what purpose does he serve? We see the damnation and salvation that religion presents though the existence of our red caped hero. We see that it can lead victims of free will astray. Where Lex feels betrayed by these untouchable ideals because no one was there to save him. He turns bitter and cold towards his fellow man, and ultimately feels alone and powerless. Thus presenting the motivation for Lex’s ambitions of respect and power above all And we see how a Superman character could show the lost men of this earth, the way “home”. Batman was lost in this movie. So in reality this movie DOES address the question of: must there be a Superman?

And the answer is yes. Because he who stood alone, gave hope to the hopeless. “The scene where Superman saves the girl and then gets surrounded by all the Mexican people in their Day of the Dead getup is meant to symbolize how death follows and envelops Superman wherever he goes. Whenever he does anything altruistic, like helping a girl, death surrounds him. This can be seen earlier in the film where Superman saved Lois from the terrorists but ended up surrounded in death as a result of Lex’s agents and the actions of the repressive government. All his altruistic actions still result in him being mired in a valley of death. Since Snyder loves his Biblical Superman, In Psalm 23 it says that “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for you are with me.” I feel like this could apply to the ending of the film where Superman sacrifices himself. Even though he is about to die, he isn’t afraid of evil. He just wants to stop it.”

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