DC v Marvel

There’s no real War between DC & Marvel.It’s an imaginary fight fanboys have created

Batman v Superman & Civil War

Wonder Woman & homecoming

Justice League & Ragnarok 

Arrowverse crossover & Punisher.

Disney(Marvel) Is not evil or satan is their head but they are a business company and there can only be one in the lead and they’ll do everything to damage the other one so they won’t catch up soon or stay on their can argue all you want but it’s a business and DC’s DCEU isn’t going to become like Marvel’s MCU either because the general audience the people who are so busy in their lives with their families and don’t get enough time to read comics or read about all the news happening they don’t care about the drama they want a good movie and If they see 2 very familiar things they’ll choose the one they’ve been choosing for the past 10 years.

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