Ben Affleck Controversy

I’m going to post something controversial and I hope I don’t make anyone uncomfortable for me saying it, but regarding the Ben Affleck/Weisntein/Case Affleck/Sexual harassment case… I don’t give a shit.

If we’re really gonna sit here and vilify a dude for jokingly “tweaking a boob” in 2003, I’m ready to shut this shit right now. Is it a dick move? Yes. Was Ben Affleck an asshole in the 2000s? It’s well-recorded. But he’s a grown man that’s matured past that and turned over a new leaf in his life. So I’m really not going to sit here and write a thinkpiece because a depressed and alcoholic multimillionaire philanthropist once poked a breast in his youth 15 years ago. Give me a fucking break. Ben Affleck is a better human being than 95% of the vultures who are calling him out, but that doesn’t mean we should start victim blaming. Also Casey Affleck’s case is unproven allegations and it makes absolutely no sense to somehow relate that to Ben as if he’s obligated to vilify his brother for something that isn’t even verified to have happened. Moral absolutism doesn’t work and ironically enough, will only highlight how bad of a person you are in the end. Also, the dude apoligized publicly for doing something years ago. Jessica Chastain was praised with “muh feminism” even though she kept quiet while knowing about Weinstein because the victim asked her not to. Ben told Weinstein to stop this shit and apologized for making someone uncomfortable in 2003 but he’s been labeled as a scum?

Honestly, corporate journalism is shitty and they will drag any headline whatsoever, and I don’t think this will affect his role as Batman or JL in any way I don’t think it’d be much different from when RDJ did cocaine. and was in jail

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