​2019 Year of Trinity

2019 Year of Trinity

As I said 8 months ago that the year 2019 will feature the The DC trinity and now It’s been confirmed a little bit.

Shazam (Stars Superman) starts shooting Feb|18

Batman Start shooting July|18

Wonder Woman Starts shooting December|18.

these movies will start releasing in order they are shooting in.

but let’s not forget these 3 movies won’t be the only ones coming up in 2019 SS2,Gotham city Sirens,nightwing & Batgirl one or two of these movies is very likely to release in 2019 too.

2018 is going to be small years for DC movies but not so much for the Tv shows & comics we’ll talk about that in our next post.

& remember Flashpoint movie is coming out just 2-3 months after Wonder woman 2

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