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Mohammad Imrul Hasan


Hello There!

I'm an energetic and pro-active novice Web Developer who makes easy to use websites by discovering how users really think. With 04 successful years of experience as a freelancing web developer and designer, I have grown perfect knowledge about how technology can be used to associate the requirements of both the business and the customer.
I worked as a software tester too. I am an organized person who likes to be very organized in my work ensuring that work gets done accurately and efficiently. My career in IT began six years ago and I thoroughly enjoy testing software that has been written to ensure that it works like the owner wanted it to and is something they take pride over when using in their business.
I am also cool with servers. I prefer CentOS, Redhat and Ubuntu environment.

Birthdate : 08/08/1988
Skype : dj_haba
Phone : +8801911060909
Email : hello@imrul.net
Website : www.imrul.net
Adress : 83, Central Road, Dhaka - 1205

  • Wordpress Developer
  • Server Admin
  • Software Tester


  • 01
    Wordpress & Server Expert


    I work on upwork as a wordpress & server expert from 2011.

    2011- Present

  • 02
    Experienced Web Developer


    I worked for iQuantum as a web developer.


  • 03
    Software Tester

    Techbeeo Software Limited

    I worked at Techbeeo Software Limited as a white-box software tester.



  • 01
    University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh


    Major in Marketing


  • 02
    IBCS Primax

    Redhat System Administration

    Training course on Redhat Linux 6


  • 03
    IBCS Primax

    Web Developing

    Training course on web development.



  • Wordpress
  • Server
  • Photoshop
  • Linux System Administration
  • Joomla
  • Software Testing
  • CSS
  • Marketing



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